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Evotech (Asia) Pte Ltd ("Evotech") is a Singapore incorporated Scrap Processor and managed by a group of experienced specialists in the trade of metal recycleables.  Our factory premise is located at No. 40 Gul Circle, Singapore 629575.

Our main activities involve the procuring, processing and exporting of ferrous (e.g. stainless steel based) and non-ferrous (e.g. copper and/or aluminum based) metal recycleables including alloys, electrical and electronic recycleables.

Our sources of supplies come mainly from local industrial plants, auto dismantlers, building dismantlers and demolition operations.  Our processed products are exported to countries like the PRC, Hong Kong SAR, India, Japan, Korea, etc.

Upon purchase the scrap, we begin the complicated procedures of identifying the metals, sorting by grades, preparing the scrap to users, packing and shipping.  Once we have correctly identify the scrap components, either through long years of experience and knowledge of metals, or precise laboratory analysis, it is sorted into grades of metal.  This is a very important step because the end consumer will require that the scrap be segregated according to rigid specifications before it can be melted into new metal products.  We then prepare the scrap, using a variety of methods and machines that might include shearing, cutting, chopping, shredding, or sweating.

Once processed, the scrap is packed for shipping.  Depending on the kind of scrap and the requirements of the consumer who will be using it, the scrap might be packed in bales, bundles, drums, or briquettes.  At this point, we are ready to ship the scrap to an intermediate metallic scrap user, an end user, or an export market.


  • To operate within a commercially viable framework without damaging the environment and to actively promote recycling for our future.
  • To provide a consistent level of quality throughout all aspects of the recycling processing, from initial procurement, through processing, to final sale, regardless of fake customer size or location.

Our company shall pursue this philosophy, with all subsequent expansion and development being dedicated to achieving this aim.

No. 40 Gul Circle S'pore 629575 Phone: (65) 68633881  Fax: (65) 68634554  Email: home@evotechasia.com
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